How it all began


As marketers, we were stuck presenting too much irrelevant data and lacked meaningful KPIs. We constantly found ourselves in situations of defending our marketing budgets despite not having the ammo to fight the battle. After years of tribulation attempting the globally-accepted “square peg in a round hole” theory (‘it’s simply too difficult to show true marketing ROI or ROAS,’ they said), we set out to find a solution. 

We entered our credit cards in a number of analytics platforms, all promising custom reporting. We found that “custom” really meant combining all of our existing channel reports into one report, but we wanted something more.

We wanted to see Facebook and Google Ad clicks and impressions trended together with conversion data layered on top. We wanted to see how integrated marketing efforts, across a dozen channels, could be turned into integrated metrics, thoughtfully joined and overlapped together. Lastly, we felt other solutions missed a human connection. How does data science fit into the ecosystem? So, in addition to interactive online reports, we invested in data insights and marketing intelligence, driven by humans, so that we could help marketers make sense of what the numbers mean so they could make data-driven marketing decisions. 

Today, OROS is built on these two pillars. Truly customized marketing analytics solutions combined with data science and insights, all driven by a human-centric approach. 


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What they are saying

  • It’s all in the visualizations and the data. It made it clear what we should spend our money on in the future.

    - Doug Doe, Account Director, Koch Communications
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