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Always evolving.

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” – Ferris Bueller

Our process has been developed over years of trying, failing, reevaluating, refining, and discovering as marketers and analysts. We’re focused, we get our hands dirty, and we are committed to continuously improving. This is that human part we keep talking about.


We take a deep dive into your marketing efforts, identifying your business drivers, understanding your measurable goals, and reviewing your existing marketing strategies and reports. Through a comprehensive data excavation – compiling channel reports, metrics, and KPIs – we develop a measurement strategy that speaks to your goals, outlines how we’ll measure, and identify needs for each stakeholder.

Data mapping

After you back up the dump truck, we get to work on connecting sources and mapping your data. It’s a lot of technical gobbledygook that our data engineering team loves to talk about… for hours…

Measurement strategy and design

Through our understanding of your business segments and marketing strategies, we blueprint visualizations to best fit your metrics and dimensions and provide clear, concise, and interactive dashboards. There’s no universal marketing reporting template or default dashboard; this is where we identify your key metrics and dimensions to begin mapping your data’s journey.


Our platform is your launchpad. Browse interactive visuals, toggle variables and discover the marketing reporting tools you need to tell your story. Extract necessary information mid-campaign, cross-reference previous data, and optimize your strategies. If you’re understanding how your marketing affects the bottom line and developing better strategies, then we’ve done our job.

Human-minded insights

We’re not just offering your data on a silver platter and letting you sift through what’s important and how to use it without a little bit of guidance. Our data science team is continually monitoring your progress and keeping your goals in mind to offer clear, transparent insights through post-campaign wraps and periodic data discussions with you to drive your strategies forward.


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